World-Talks # Kendra Frith

Kendra Frith from Colour Pink Foundation in Kingston, Jamaica, is trying to improve the living conditions for LGBT-homeless and ‘sofa surfers’. The latter is a group of LGBT’s that aren’t accepted by family and are forced to move from couch to couch. If you’re not lucky enough to be accepted by friends on a couch, your other option is moving to the ‘gully’. In the gully living conditions are inhumane – Kendra explains:

‘’It’s literally a trench what these persons live under. When it rains, this is where the water runs, and all the garbage and everything that runs to the dump and ultimately to the sea. This is where they live. They have no access to clean water, there are no beds or anything down there.’’ The HIV-rate of people in the gully is around 40% and there is a high chance of getting robed or having your property destroyed by people that think you’re a ‘batty boy’, a popular Jamaican insult against LGBT’s. 

Kendra’s biggest aim on long term is to educate people about health issues and being LGBT; people have to learn that “it’s not a disease, it’s not something you choose te be.” On short term, Colour Pink Foundation collects money to bring them live necessities like food and clothes, and are always prepared to talk to every individual to give mental support.

Watch this interview to get to know Kendra Frith and the Colour Pink Foundation better.

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By World-Talks editor Mila Lemmens

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