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World-Talks # Leone Jose Bicchieri

“The idea that the United States is a great land of prosperity is a myth […] at least for the vast majority of working people in this country” this is how Leone Bicchieri of the Chicago Workers Collaborative describes the origin of the problems workers face in the Chicago area. Bicchieri campaigns against the rise of temporary work, in which primarily Latino workers increasingly have to accept temporary jobs, having no security of when and how much they will work, not being able to unionize and generally facing poor working conditions.

Bicchieri describes undocumented – Latino – migrant workers as being especially vulnerable as they are more likely to accept lower wages and worse working conditions and less likely to complain out of fear for being deported. The result of this is that they are competing White and African-American out of the job market exacerbating ethnic tensions. However Bicchieri describes this not only as a problem of low-education Latino workers, workers of all ethnicities and even college graduates have to accept temporary work often because of a lack of better permanent jobs.

Apart from campaigning against temporary work Chicago Workers Collaborative has been trying to reduce these ethnic tensions for example by their ‘Breaking Down Barriers’ project in which they bring together workers of different ethnicities and they have recovered millions of dollars in wages that were stolen from workers. – Website of the Chicago Workers Collaborative – Article in Fortune on the relation between temporary work and workplace injuries – Article on Quartz on the effects of temporary and part-time employment on the global economy


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