World-Talks # Eva Galperin: Fighting for digital freedom of speech


“As much as the internet is opening and making it possible for people to communicate with each other in ways that they couldn’t before, it’s also closing and becoming a place where it’s easier for both cooperations and governments to spy on people. So things are rapidly both getting better and also getting much worse at the same time.’’

On the 23rd of August we celebrated the 25th year anniversary of public access to the internet. One of the main themes around the internet and social media is transparency and human rights. Since ‘code is speech’ Eva Galperin works hard to help people remain their freedom of speech on the internet. With her organisation Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) she impeaches governments and cooperations when they seem to undermine our rights. 

EFF is one of the reasons that we now have encrypted messages on Whats-app and is fighting Facebook’s ‘real name’ policy. The organisation has made software that makes it possible to have HTTPS everywhere on firefox and made software that blocks spying ads and invisible trackers (‘Privacy Badger’).

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